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  • Rishta Anjana Episode 147 Full Episode

    Watch Online Drama Serial Rishta Anjana episode 147 Full Episode. Rishta Anjana 2nd March 2017 Watch Online.

  • Yam Hain Hum

    Yam Hain Hum

    Yama, the God of death, as per Hindu mythology, comes down to the Earth, which triggers a series of interesting and rather comical situations.In his home in Yamlok, Yamraj, the god of death, discovers that the people on Earth […]

  • Saubhagya Lakshmi

    Saubhagya Lakshmi

    Bhagyalakshmi is born on 1 November 1962 to Kumaran Nair who hails from Powaat Tharavadu Calicut & Bhargavi Amma from Kurupath Tharavad, Shoranur. She has an older sister Indira Nair and a brother Unni Nair. She has completed her P.U.C. […]

  • Maan


    Maan’ revolves around the story of a married couple, Imaan (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and Wafa (Kiran Haq). They have two daughters and are living happy lives, but their lives become difficult when their younger daughter suffers from heart disease and […]

  • Aik Thi Misaal

    Aik Thi Misaal

    (Portrayed by Hina Altaf Khan) : Misaal is the daughter of Adeel and Bushra. Misaal was first liked by her foster brother Saifi. Ahsan finally sent Misaal from his home. Misaal now lived with her father and his second wife […]

  • Naraaz


    ‘Naraaz’ a realistic story of a couple Azlan and Fariha, when their high-end lifestyle is drastically changed due to sudden downfall in Azlan’s business. This downfall makes him dependent on his wife’s parents. His pride and ego become his biggest enemy […]

  • Vasl-e-Yaar


    The story revolves around love and its complications, waiting for love becomes the root cause of heartache pain and suffering.Minahil is in Shahyan’s Nikkah; and waiting for Shahyan to come back; as he has gone somewhere without informing anyone.Anaya […]

  • Ali Ki Ammi

    Ali Ki Ammi

    Ali Ki Ammi is based on a real life story as the title suggests this serial is a story of a mother and a son and how a woman travels a journey of hardships and transforms herself into a […]

  • Rishton Ki Dor

    Rishton Ki Dor

    In our society women are expected to be epitome of Sacrifice and Service, Rishton Ki Dor is a story of one such girl, Haniya. She loves her cousin Zain and Zain also loves her back the same way. Due […]

  • Jannat


    This is a story of a woman Zareen, who tries all her life to win the love & respect from her husband Sarmad & his family, Story revolves around Zareen & her 3 kids, it is all about the […]