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  • Milan


    Milan is a Pakistani drama television series that first aired on See TV and A Plus.A happy-go-lucky girl called Nayab has an endogamous marriage with a man named Sultana, who is as old as her father. Nayab decides to […]

  • Teri Meri Jodi

    Teri Meri Jodi

  • parvarish


    Parvarrish primarily revolves around two families who are relatives: the Ahluwalias and the Ahujas. It focuses on the troubles they go through in bringing up their children and the lessons they learn from these experiences.

  • chakravartin ashoka samrat

    chakravartin ashoka samrat

    The story starts with Chanakya (Manoj Joshi); who recently had a dream in which Chandragupta Maurya (in the form of a lion) appeared and foretold him about the danger approaching the Mauryan Empire.