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Porus, Sony TV,
Release date:
20 September 2017
22 minutes
188 as of 16th August 2018
Sony TV
Rati Pandey as Queen Anusuiya, Mohit Abrol, Praneet Bhat, Akanksha Juneja.

About the show

Porus, Sony TV, Sony TV

Porus is an Indian Drama Serial that was first premiered on Sony TV channel on 20 September 2017. Drama Serial Porus Latest Episode was broadcasted on 16th August 2018 on Sony TV channel and was of 22 minutes duration excluding ads. Drama Serial is production of Sony TV You can watch All Episodes of Porus Sony TV channel here in best quality.

King Porus was the ruler of Kingdom of Paurava in Ancient India. The kingdom is located between Chenab and Jhelum River at Punjab. King Porus fought with the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great in the Battle of Hydaspes. Alexander sent an envoy from Taxila to King Porus asking his submission. But Porus gave a defiant reply that he was prepared to meet him at the frontier of his kingdom and in arms.King Porus displayed the feeling of resentment against a foreign invader, and the decision to embrace death with honour and justice than to surrender without resistance to an outlandish conqueror. Though the army of King Porus was large and capable, the monsoon had an adverse impact. The chariots of their army became out of use to to rain and mud. The bowmen could not aim correctly. The Indians under the leadership of Porus displayed unmatched bravery but the Macedonians proved to be superior. King Porus was injured during the battle. The army of King Porus was defeated and he was forced to surrender


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